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Welcome to Sandlewood996 a writing/graphic livejournal from me, chiruken. Sandlewood996 contians material that may not be suitable for young childern and/or may not be work office safe! Please do not take or redistribute any of my graphic's or archive my fanfiction within my consent first! Flames or bad criticism will not be tolerated and will cause the user to be banned from posting within this journal. I have no access to your conscience so I must rely on your judgement pertaining to mature rated fictions, however if you gamble and read something that offends you please don't complain to me about it. I will always post suitable warning with any and writing/graphic's.

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As with most graphic journals I must ask that if you take any of my graphic's that you credit me! It a rather simple thing and I will show you with the image below. But I will give simple directions as well, First Go to the livejournal tab that says Managa then click the second row tabs for Userpics then upload the icon or bases. To give credit see the image below:

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I'm a Paladin!

I strive to help others, and to bring truth and harmony to the world however I can. Whether times are good or bad, you can always count on me. I'm a shoulder to cry on, a champion for the helpless, and an all around nice person.

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